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Whether you are a Military organization, Government agency, or a Commercial business, we can provide options that fit within your budget and funding constraints. The ERA™ Consortium is a group of companies and government agencies that have synthesized our collective capabilities in the field of Enterprise Architecting, Design and Implementation. As such, we are able to bring the right individual resources to each engagement for just the right amount of time. In this way, we maximize efficiency while minimizing the cost to the client organization.

Workshop – Many of our clients elect to begin the process by having us come to their facility and conduct a three-day Strategic Enterprise Re-Architecting (ERA™) workshop with their management team. This workshop, described in our Training page, provides the client with an extremely cost-effective way of taking ERA™ for a “test drive” before committing to a more comprehensive engagement. This is not a “canned” exercise, rather we will work with you ahead of time to customize the workshop to your environment. You will select an actual Strategic Business Unit (SBU) within you enterprise to use as the subject of the workshop.

Consulting Engagement – After speaking with us, and often with a sense of urgency about their organization’s future; some clients wish to launch directly into a consulting engagement.

Military Funding Mechanisms
• DD Form 448 – Military Interdepartmental Purchase request (MIPR) to AMMTIAC
• DD Form 1556 – For Initial Workshop/Training

For more information:
Call us at 800-292-4519, or e-mail us at info@enterprisere-architecting.com.

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