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What is Enterprise Re-Architecting (ERA™) ?

ERA™ is a holistic approach that allows any type of organization to design a world-class enterprise. Through the use of structured analysis, design, and implementation; an organization can transform its “default” enterprise architecture into one that is performance based and requirements driven.

ERA™ facilitates the process by which an organization revisits its goals and major business objects; and then optimizes (rearchitects) its administrative and organizational components, technical systems, and personnel structure in order to better succeed in its mission. Individual success metrics vary by organization and can be any combination of reduced cost, better quality, better customer responsiveness, shorter time to market, more productive workers, and more.

What separates ERA™ from most approaches is that it is holistic, i.e., it takes into account all aspects of the enterprise and not just specific elements like information technology (IT), manufacturing systems, business and administrative issues, etc. ERA™ focuses on the three fundamental components of an enterprise, namely:

Human Systems
Administrative and Organizational (A&O) Systems
Technical Systems


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