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How ERA™ Addresses Specific Government Challenges

As described in our Government Focus – Challenges section, the typical government enterprise is faced with its own set of challenges and constraints. On the one hand, and similar to the military sector, it does not have the flexibility of the commercial sector regarding its mission. Unfortunately, and unlike the military, it is doubly burdened because its mission is not seen as immediately critical to the safety and security of the nation. This leaves many government organizations threatened by the prospect of privatization. Commercial organizations are usually not burdened by the regulation and red tape that creates inertia within the government enterprise. As a result, the government organization might see it as “not even a fair fight.”

ERA™ Can help the Government Organization Maximize What Flexibility it Has
The government organization must do the best it can, given the flexibility that it does have. ERA™ can help it do just that. ERA™ is a holistic approach that leverages the latest in industry and academic research and development and can help government organizations address their special needs and constraints.

Acquisition and Procurement – ERA™ was conceptualized in a military environment and, as such, is an expert tool for working in and around the maze of regulations and discriminators that are involved in every government procurement. ERA™ methods can use these constraints as design attributes to achieve the highest level of enterprise performance while continuing to operate under them. Optimizing an enterprise is much easier when all the variables are free to adjust as needed. But when an enterprise (such as government) must take so many variables as fixed, inflexible and simply non-negotiable, the task of optimization is both more difficult and more important. Don’t try to do this manually. ERA™ can help you find your way through the maze.

What-if Scenarios, Modeling and Performance Measurement – Whether it’s being at the mercy of government election cycles or being the victim of sudden events or bad press, the government organization must be ever prepared to answer questions such as:

• How do we adjust if our mission focus is changed or merged with another agency?
• What if our funding is cut, or, how do we justify our budget?
• How do we maximize our value to the greatest number of constituents?
• How do we propose a budget increase that we can back up with legitimate data?
• How do we arm ourselves with pertinent data when it’s time to negotiate labor agreements?
• What do we tell the Congress sub-committee when it asks what we’re doing to improve?

ERA™ can help the government organization reengineer its enterprise architecture so that it can better measure what it does well and what must be improved upon. ERA™ can also perform “what-if” scenario modeling so that the government organization can quickly determine the potential effect of budget decreases or increases. Armed with that information, the organization leadership is in a much better position to defend or propose its budget. Taxpayers will no longer accept on faith, that government is doing all it can to be efficient and effective. ERA™ will allow the government executive to collect, measure and present real performance data.


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