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Designing a Performance Based Enterprise


Example: DoD Mapping to enterprise’s key performance parameters.

The following is an example of mapping a DoD enterprise. Any enterprise design effort could be mapped in a similar way. The holistic traits of ERA provide for the establishment of powerful communication throughout the design process at all levels of enterprise structure.

ERA Process Description Achieved By Key Capability Parameter
Business Strategy ConOps, PBL, Agile Lean Design approach, Cellular Design Philosophy Data collection, discussion and analysis Customer Satisfaction and Economic Soundness
Business Model Cash Flow
Scheduled Maintenance
Level load cellular - agile and lean - design Savings to the DoD – 25% minimum
Functional Architecture (FA) Using the SEP to create a FA based on ConOps and Requirements User Requirements
Does the business model support the strategy developed for enterprise operation Mapping user requirements to depot capabilities and doing to BCA to determine savings User Requirements
vs. Enterprise’s Capabilities
Strategic Fit Does the enterprise design match the business model? Mapping Capabilities to Cells or Job shops Capabilities vs.
Cell Functionality


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