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CostVision is an independent software vendor of costing software for discrete manufacturing industries such as high-tech, industrial equipment and medical devices. Our products and services help you:

• Predict product cost based on specifications, CAD models, and process information
• Help control cost early in the product development process
• Achieve manufacturing cost savings of up to 20%
• Speed time to market by reducing engineering change orders made necessary by cost overruns

CostVision sells costing software that estimates product manufacturing cost and assists with equipment and material purchase decisions. CostVision joined the Boulder Technology Incubator in September 1997, and has a wholly owned software development operation in Beijing China. The enterprise class Cost2Target software optimizes product designs and production processes to reduce manufacturing cost. The Cost2Own module inside Cost2Target has detailed capital equipment costing algorithms. Some benefits Cost2Target provides are:

• Allows users to trade off alternative designs and processes to reduce product costs
• Reduces engineering change orders and cost overruns to speed time to market
• Optimizes sharing of components and sub-assemblies to decrease material costs
• Determines accurate outsourced manufacturing costs to negotiate lower supplier prices
• Allows trade offs in manufacturing location to achieve lower costs based on labor, utility and tax rates

CostVision offers a range of services from consulting to implementation to custom development. We can help you achieve quick product cost savings through a short-term, inexpensive consulting project.

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