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Advanced Automation corporation (AAC)

AAC is the lead developer of the ERA™ approach. AAC is a woman-owned business, founded in 1984. We provide software tools, services and training for specialty engineering across a wide range of technologies and covering the entire life cycle of a product’s support requirements. AAC’s engineers and analysts have more than 20 years background in the areas of:

• Architecting
• Systems Engineering
• Specialty Engineering
• Information Technology
• System Design
• US Government Acquisition

Products include integrated software tool suites that help the specialty engineer analyze a system (i.e., product, service or both) from the perspective of the systems engineering tasks required for development, manufacturing, fielding and long term support and disposal. From the cradle to the grave these tools are invaluable in providing a workbench of databases, algorithms, and reporting mechanisms to support the user throughout the life cycle. The integration of these systems provides significant productivity enhancements for both developing and using organizations.

From simple training and staff support to the complete turnkey completion of tasks, AAC supports the software tools we sell. Service covers each and every task addressed by our tools and includes:

• General Logistics, Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), & Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
• Reliability, Maintainability, Availability, & Testability
• Thermal Analysis
• Life Cycle Cost (LCC) & Total Ownership Cost (TOC) Analysis
• Materials Management Information System (MMISTM) (Raytheon product)
• Web-based Failure Analysis and Corrective Action Systems (FRACAS)
• Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) Development and Distribution

Our training covers a wide range from academic topics to hands-on instruction. We provide courses that focus on the state of the art in systems and specialty engineering theory. And also, we can train your people to use our tools effectively within your organization. Courses cover:

• Enterprise Re-engineering
• DAWIA Fulfillment
• Systems Engineering
• Theory of Constraints

We are continually developing new courses and certificate programs covering some of today’s most important topics.


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