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Reston Software

Reston Software provides advanced software and electrical engineering services, with focus on Automatic Test Systems for aerospace and defense applications.

We deliver superior value to our customers through:
• Engineering excellence
• Focus on customer satisfaction
• Dynamism and flexibility
• Combination of software, hardware, systems, and project management expertise
• Hands-on experience with a wide range of products and technologies
• As a company, we value passion for engineering, professionalism, integrity, accountability and commitment to quality.

Software Engineering Services

Software Architecture Design
Reston Software specializes in modular (client-server, n-tier) and distributed (SOA) architectures. We support enterprise architecture frameworks including DoDAF.

Software Development
Reston Software develops software applications using:

• .NET
• Visual C++®
• Visual Basic®
• Relational Databases
• Microsoft® Office, etc.

We support both prescriptive (RUP®/EUP) and agile development processes

Artificial Intelligence
Reston Software specializes in Artificial Intelligence software applications using:

• Expert Systems
• Artificial Neural Networks
• Fuzzy Systems
• Full Life Cycle Support

Hardware Engineering Services

Modeling and Simulation
Reston Software specializes in modeling and simulation using MATLAB® , Simulink®, SPICE, and other expert tools

Embedded Systems
Reston Software designs embedded systems and develops embedded software for microprocessors and microcontrollers using C and assembly languages.

Digital Signal Processing
Reston Software designs, implements and integrates Digital Signal Processing algorithms using microprocessors, DSPs, and programmable logic.


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