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Vitech is dedicated to the development and application of innovative engineering and business process systems approaches to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Vitech’s products, services and team members deliver insights which empower customers and organizations to better meet stakeholder needs.

We deliver tools, techniques, and services proven to rein in the risks inherent to your system development projects. In 1993, Vitech commercialized CORE®, which provides a single point, model-based, integrated systems engineering tool connecting people, processes, data and documentation. By utilizing the CORE product family, your business can realize increased team effectiveness and collaboration that will help deliver projects on time and within budget.

• Vitech Automated Tools allow systems engineers to capture, analyze, and verify design integrity before problems embed themselves in the system.

• Vitech systems engineering Techniques provide:
xxx- Comprehensive traceability
xxx- Extensive behavioral modeling notations representing control flow
xxx- Function flow
xxx- Data flow
xxx- Resource utilization
xxx- Interface-link capacity
xxx- System simulations automatically synchronized with behavioral models
xxx- System documentation generated directly from the database as a by-product of the engineering effort.

• Vitech Services provide experienced systems engineers to train and consult with your project teams during the adoption of Vitech tools and techniques.

Vitech has successfully offered System Engineering research, products and services for military and government agencies, private and public businesses, Fortune 500 firms, and universities across the globe.


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